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Breakthru: Microbreaks for the Modern Workday
Guided 2-minute breaks that boost your
team’s mental and physical health
Immersive, Interactive, Movement
Reset Mind, Mood, Metabolism

Easy and accessible to all In shared work tools

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Reset your metabolism, get your blood moving, breathe.


Enhances meetings, Training Sessions, Team Connection.
Use alone or together,
Hybrid, or in office.


Every microbreak feels different, with new content published monthly.


Scientifically proven to increase engagement, improve focus and manage stress

Pause, Move, Breathe

Set custom reminders, choose confident, joyful, energized and centered. Set team challenges, send appreciation to a colleague, use Breakthru as an ice breaker in meetings, track your history, win streaks, and unlock new breaks over time.

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Why is it important to move in the day?
For better health, focus, and creativity.

What our users say

"It's like a mini vacation on your computer."

~ Jessica, Emergency Service Coordinator

"I would argue that my greatest productivity hack is a break. What’s the best and most rewarding break of all time? Breakthru."

~ Erik, Modern Work, Microsoft

"Since I started using it regularly, my neck doesn't hurt as bad for sure. It just gives you more motivation to move in general."

~ Michelle, Oncology Nurse

"I use breakthru to remind me to move out of my office chair. I have arthritis and when I sit too long in 1 position it doesn’t help my condition."

~ Miss Sarah, NHS Foundation

"Yeah, two minutes is quite good. Because it means I'm not sort of, I don't feel guilty getting up and doing it."

~ Stephanie, NHS

"I think two minute is bite size. It's ideal for the workaholic, its ideal for every job title within a company"
"We work a lot on screen and in our heads. Breakthru is a good way of making a quick break and helps you return to your body. It can also add a smile to your day."

~ Peter, Art Psychotherapist, Psychotherapy Services, Livewell Southwest

"It feels customized and tailored. It feels like when I go here, you know me. There's no judgment."
~ Jessica, Emergency Service Coordinator
"I was in this new role and I wasn't feeling very confident. And I thought, you know what, why don't you try that confident one (laugh)? It really does help."
~ Angela, NHS
"Our new ways of working are making us all more sedentary with video call after video call, with Breakthru little by little we encourage more breaks to get us all moving, stretching and breathing."
~ John McGhie Head of Collaboration Services, NHS England
"Its "me time" in 2 minute doses. 2 minutes that can blow away the stress or annoyance of the previous hour or two."
~ Samantha, Aston Martin
"I love the colors and I love all the sounds... the bird song or the water and it just really takes you to a different place."
~ Angela, NHS
"It feels like when I go here, you know me. There's no judgment."
"It’s beautiful and it’s simple and it’s convenient."
"I do it with my kids. The energize ones, they love it. It changes my mood before the workday."
The math.
A 2010 study reported that
hours per day
spent sitting

increased chances of
an early death


for men



The science.
Research shows that short breaks can:
improve your ability to concentrate
reduce workplace stress
increase your happiness with your job
help you avoid common desk injuries

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Healthy Breaks
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Breakthru: For you

  •   Play and give. Pick the mood
      you are looking for.
  •   Set reminders.
  •   See your history.
  •   Unlock new breaks.
  •   Grow your energy collection
  •   Find new joy and focus in your
      day with healthy taking.

Breakthru: Together

(2 - 100 Subscriptions)
  •   Play and give in meetings.
      Pick the mood you are
      looking for.
  •   Set Team Challenges.
  •   Build collective energy with
      healthy breaks.
  •   Share with your whole team.

Breakthru: Enterprise

(100+ Subscriptions)
if you are more than 100,
contact us for:
  •   Pricing
  •   Launch support
  •   Event integration
  •   Enterprise features
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Movement based microbreaks protect against the negative health impact of sedentary behavior, prevent repetitive stress injury, and foster proprioception (body awareness).

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